Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Re-Launching the Broad Side of the Barn

Broad Side of the Barnwebsite has just been re-launched. Broad Side of the Barn is looking to provide a range of useful and even entertaining information and content. We are blending web services with writing, promotion, and design, allowing the user to use BSB for a variety of personal and small business uses.

Broad Side of the Barn approaches the Internet with the understanding that it is a medium that is still in development, and is used by an incredibly wide range of people for a myriad of purposes. Therefore an element of this site is experimental, intended to both provide information and resources as well as learn about who uses the web and how. This site features information on blogging, writing, web development, promotion, and will even included personal stories, opinions, and artistic elements as time goes on. Please look around and contact us with any questions.

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