Saturday, May 9, 2009

Political Protests

For me, one of the oddest moments of the primaries came when I wasn’t even attending an event. I had gone to the grocery store, and stopped at a light on my way out of the parking lot. I looked down at my steering wheel for a second, and when I looked up I saw the three little pigs driving down the street. I blinked hard, and then watched the pigs pull into the gas station where I was headed. The biggest pig was a pink van with pig ears, rump and tail. It was towing a trailer with a medium sized pig on it, which was hooked up to a small pig that had wheels for feet.

The pigs were protesting the amount of money spent on military and defense spending. As I pulled up to the pump next to them, I planned to say, ‘That must be a real gas hog,’ but refrained, as the driver and passenger had quite a sour expression on their faces and did not appear to possess any sense of humor (which I really think should be a prerequisite to driving the three little pigs around New Hampshire).

This brings me to my favorite guilty pleasure of the primaries and political events in general - Protesters. The all time best came several years ago when a group came to protest at UNH the induction of a gay Episcopalian minister. Apparently there were not enough Episcopal churches in the area, so they decided to protest at the local Catholic and Baptist churches. Years have passed since this incident, and I still laugh thinking about these people who traveled from miles and miles away, protesting the Episcopalians outside the Baptist church. The poor Baptists seated in the pews for Sunday worship had to be wondering why in the world protesters were picketing their church that morning.

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