Friday, May 8, 2009

The McCain Campaign and Illegal Immigration

The anger over Senator McCain’s position on immigration seemed a bit more pointed in South Carolina, and as just referenced, there was some anger about Senator McCain’s stance on the Confederate flag. One call I made ended abruptly when the woman on the line emphatically stated, ‘We are all illegal immigrants here and aren’t allowed to vote!’ Click. However, I did have a conversation about immigration with another woman who was concerned because the hospitals in her area were seriously over-burdened. Our discussion reflected the difficulty the whole country is having with this issue. She understood and agreed with Senator McCain that emergency medical treatment should not be denied to illegal immigrants, but she was concerned because there was also the problem of emergency rooms being used for their routine medical care. Where her adult children lived, in particular, the hospital was struggling to provide adequate care to citizens because of the stress caused by illegal immigrants.

Excerpt from An Independent Call - From NH On

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